Online Quiz for IT Officer Professional Knowledge

Q 1)

 Which of the following gate can be used to generate a 1 when all the input are low





E) None of these

Q 2)

In the blocked state:

A) the processes waiting for I/O are found

B) the process which is running is found

C) the processes waiting for the processor are found

D) All of the above

E) None of these

Q 3)

 PERT chart is use to

A) Analyze and represent the tasks involved in completing a given project

B) Find the cost of project

C) Find the risk of project

D) Find the time required to complete the project

E) None of the above

Q 4)

 Which of the following data model does SQL support?

A) Hierarchical Database Model

B) Relational Database Model

C) Network Database Model

D) File Management Model

E) None of these

Q 5)

The addressing mode in which the operand is available in the instruction itself is



A) Direct addressing

B) Immediate addressing

C) Implied addressing

D) Indirect addressing

E) none of these

Q 6)

Let us consider a relation R(A,B,C,D,E) with following Functional dependency A->BCD ,D->EF

A) Table is in Not in INF

B) Table is not in 2NF

C) Table not 3NF

D) Can’t say

E) None of these

Q 7)

 External noise is generally picked up from electrical appliances existing …………

A) In the vicinity

B) From the atmosphere

C) From electrical transformer

D) Also from outer space

E) All of these

Q 8)

How many address lines are needed to address each memory locations in a 2048 x 4 memory chip

A) 10

B) 11

C) 8

D) 12

E) None of these

Q 9)

IP Address belong to

A) Class A

B) Class B

C) Class C

D) Class D

E) None of the above

Q 10)

WWW  stand for

A) World Wide Web

B) World Wide Wave

C) Word Wide Web

D) Word Wide Wave

E) None of the above