Online Quiz for IT Officer Professional Knowledge

Q 1)

Third layer of OSI Model is


A) Transport Layer

B) Data Link Layer

C) Session Layer

D) Network Layer

E) None of these

Q 2)

Graph can be represented in computer with the help of

A) Array

B) linked list

C) Stack

D) Both A and C

E) Both A and B

Q 3)

Where does the swap space reside?



B) Disk


D) On-chip cache

E) None of these

Q 4)

DNS is use to


A) Covert one code system to another

B) Define file system in the network

C) It is protocol for net work layer

D) Use to cover IP address into Domain name

E) None of these

Q 5)

Window 8 is


A) Single user OS

B) Multitasking OS

C) Network OS

D) Both B and C

E) None of these

Q 6)

Medical devices often run on a ___________ operating system 

A) single user

B) multi user

C) real time

D) network

E) None of these

Q 7)

Which is fastest secondary device


B) Magnetic disk


D) Pen derive

E) None of these

Q 8)

 Which scheduling algorithm is an example of pre- emptive scheduling?



C) Round Robin

D) Priority Scheduling

E) None of these

Q 9)

 ‘Like’ clause is use to find

A) Distinct Record

B) Pattern

C) Similar record

D) Any type of record

E) None of these

Q 10)

 Stack  overflow result in

A) Software interrupt

B) Internal interrupt

C) External interrupt

D) Machine check interrupt

E) None of these