Online Quiz for SO English

Q 1)

The new game is the competition for control of the world’s few remaining big oil fields. Global oil production will probably peak in 2010-15 and for the last 40 years new annual discoveries of oil have been far short of the increase in annual demand. The end of ‘big oil’ is in sight, and with it the oil-powered civilization we have all grown accustomed to (………………………)


A) Azerbayan and Kazakhstan together hold oil reserves three times the size of America’s.

B) The BTC project costs around 2.4 billion, with B.P. leading a consortium of 11 companies.

C) Almost three-quarters of the funding comes from back loans with public bodies such as the World Bank providing 350 million.

D) The struggle to dominate the remaining supplies is intense, nowhere more so than in the Caspian basin.

E) None of these

Q 2)

If the introduction of a purchase tax on listed securities has set the cat among the pigeons ,the lack of clarity over its application to mutual funds has ……….

A) Compounded the problem

B) Led to tax collection

C) Caused untold misery to the common man

D) Bled the common man at the altar of tax collection.

E) Any of these

Q 3)

  The Ministry of labour conducts its basic survey (1)/ on trade unions each year (2)/ gathering information with all (3)/ labour unions as of June 30. (4)/ No error(5).

A) (1)

B) (2)

C) (3)

D) (4)

E) (5)

Q 4)

  I live on a top floor (1)/ of an old house. (2)/ When the wind blows (3)/ all the windows rattle. (4)/ No error(5)

A) (1)

B) (2)

C) (3)

D) (4)

E) (5)

Q 5)


A) field

B) arena

C) environment

D) community

E) politics

Q 6)

The expression linking job performance with job retention refers to a policy in which

A) selection to civil service jobs is on the basis of rigorous performance tests

B) selection to civil service jobs is on the basis of rigorous performance and not a minister’s opinion is the basis of transfer or promotion

C) retention of good government servants by discouraging their going to private companies

D) continuation in service will depend on satisfactory performance

E) None of these

Q 7)

Taken into consideration(1) the advice of his  (2)/ friends, he decided  (3)/ to stay here. (4)/ No error (5)

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

E) 5

Q 8)

 Mumbai is full of tall buildings (1)/ which is at once its (2)/ strength as well as weakness (3)/ depending upon how one look at it.(4)/ No error(5).

A) (1)

B) (2)

C) (3)

D) (4)

E) (5)

Q 9)

The police ____ any attempt of arson by ____ at the trouble spot quite in time.

A) squashed, surrounding

B) made, encircling

C) predisposed, visiting

D) thwarted, presenting

E) pre-empted, arriving

Q 10)

Which of the following is 'false' in the context of the passage?

A) India and Italy are countries maintaining healthy relations

B) India has a good economic growth rate.

C) While Italy is an ancient nation, India is modern

D) India can emerge as one of the strongest economies on the global front.

E) None of these