Online Quiz for SO Reasoning

Q 1)

Which of the following pairs is sitting at the extreme ends?

A) A, B

B) A, E

C) C, B

D) F, B

E) B, E

Q 2)

Statements: A > B , B ≥ C, C < D

I. A > C
II. A = C

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

E) 5

Q 3)

Statements: Some ice are deodorants.
Some deodorants are powder.
Conclusions: I Some ice are powder
II. Some ice are not deodorants.
III. Some powder are not deodorants.


A) None follows

B) All follow

C) I follow

D) II & III follow

E) None of these

Q 4)

Which is the earliest day of the week on which meeting C can take place?


A) Wednesday

B) Thursday

C) Friday

D) Saturday

E) None of these

Q 5)

Statement: Should seniority be the only criterion for the promotion?
Arguments: I. No. All the senior employees are not interested in promotion.

II. Yes. Otherwise senior employees do feel humiliated

A) if only argument I is strong

B) if only argument II is strong

C) if either I or II is strong.

D) if neither I nor II is strong.

E) if both I and II are strong.

Q 6)

What will come in the place of the question mark, to establish that M is mother of J in the expression :
‘J + K – L ? M’

A) +

B) ×

C) -

D) ÷

E) Either (1) or (2)

Q 7)

Statements: Some Army are Force. All Army are Navy.
All Navy are Police.
Conclusions: I. At least some Force are Navy.
II. At least some Police are Force.

A) If only I follows

B) If only II follows

C) If either I or II follows

D) If neither I nor II follows

E) If both I and II follow

Q 8)

Cities and towns of developed countries are free from slums.

A) if the inference is ‘definitely true’, ie it properly follows from the statement of facts given.

B) if the inference is ‘probably true’ though not ‘definitely true’ in the light of the facts given.

C) if the ‘data are inadequate’, ie from the facts given you cannot say whether the inference is likely to be true or false.

D) if the inference is ‘probably false’, though not ‘definitely false’ in the light of the facts given.

E) if the inference is definitely false’, ie it cannot possibly be drawn from the facts given or it contradicts the given facts.

Q 9)

Statement: “You should be very careful so that the society does not adversely comment on the police leadership.” A statement made by a CBI officer to the newly recruited to young officers.

I. The society always indulge in adverse comments
II. People’s trust in the police force is not up to the desired level
III. Society has the efficiency to judge accurately about the police leadership.

A) Only I & II

B) Only II & III

C) Only I & III

D) None

E) None of these

Q 10)

If all the friends who are facing the centre change their respective position to immediate right place and those facing outside change their respective position to immediate left, then who are still facing inside the centre?

A) A and E

B) F and D

C) C and G

D) A and D

E) G and A