Online Quiz for Quantitative Aptitude

Q 1)

If the total Income made by company A is 60 lakh and for C is 75 lakh in the year 2007, then what is the approximate difference in their expenditure in 200?

A) 17.6 lakh

B) 19.3 lakh

C) 14.8 lakh

D) 16.7 lakh

E) None of the above

Q 2)

 A man bought an article with 20% discount on the selling price. If the cost of the article was Rs. 1600, what is the original selling price of the article?

A) Rs. 2000

B) Rs. 2400

C) Rs. 1920

D) Rs. 2200

E) None of these

Q 3)

What is the value of (x) in the following equation

A) 17

B) 19

C) 16

D) 14

E) None of these

Q 4)

4 17 ? 257 1025 4097

A) 65

B) 55

C) 190

D) 200

E) None of these

Q 5)

The speed of a boat in still water is 20 kmph and the rate of current is 4 kmph. The distance travelled by the boat downstream in 30 minutes is


A) 8 km

B) 10 km

C) 12 km

D) 14 km

E) 16 km

Q 6)

A) 60

B) 64

C) 70

D) 75

E) 80

Q 7)

If 3/8th of a bucket is filled in one hour, the rest of it will be filled in—

A) 100 min

B) 75 min

C) 80 min

D) 120 min

E) None of these

Q 8)

Cost of fencing of the plot which is rectangular in shape is approximately what percent of the cost of flooring of plot T? (round off to 2 decimal places)

A) 20.42%

B) 21.84%

C) 24.58%

D) 22.94%

E) 23.74%

Q 9)

A shopkeeper declared 20% discount on an item. A customer bought the item from the shop for Rs 9,600 after getting discount. That person sells the item to another person in such a way that he earned a profit of 18% on the original price. What is the selling price for the second person?


A) Rs 14160

B) Rs 13610

C) Rs 12800

D) Rs 12200

E) Rs 11800

Q 10)

What is the average of total girls passed in all colleges?

A) 174

B) 172

C) 170

D) 169

E) 165