Online Quiz for Reasoning

Q 1)

What is the position of T with respect to V?

A) Fourth to the left

B) Second to the left

C) Third to the left

D) Third to the right

E) Second to the right

Q 2)

How many steps would be needed to complete the arrangement?


B) V



E) None of these

Q 3)

In the word PARALLELOGRAM, the positions of the first and the thirteen letters are interchanged similarly, the positions of the second and the twelfth letters are interchanged, and so on, up to the position of sixth and eight letters are interchanged, keeping the position of seventh letter unchanged. Which letter will be the third to the right of seventh letter from the left end?

A) R

B) G

C) A

D) L

E) None of these

Q 4)

In a certain code ‘PLANT’ is written as ‘$@2&#’ and ‘YIELD’ is written as ‘!64@%’. How is ‘DELAY’ written in that code?

A) !4&2%

B) !4@2%

C) %42@!

D) %4@2!

E) None of these

Q 5)

 What is P's rank from the top in a class of forty students?

I. P is 3 ranks below Q from the top.

II. Q's rank from the bottom is 23.

III. P is 3 ranks above S from the bottom.

A) Any two of the three

B) Only I and II

C) Only II and III

D) All I, II and III

E) Only II and either I or III

Q 6)

Which among the following would strengthen the above argument?

A) A

B) B

C) C

D) D

E) E

Q 7)

How many person sit between Seema and the fonder of Levis, when counted from the left hand side of the fonder of Levis?

A) None

B) One

C) Two

D) Three

E) Four

Q 8)

Which of the following is the fourth to the left of the twelfth from the left end?

A) %

B) 8

C) 2

D) D

E) None of these

Q 9)

Which of the following would be Step I?

A) 64 was how your stay 56 25 36

B) how was your stay 64 56 25 36

C) stay 64 how was your 56 25 36

D) how 64 was your stay 56 25 36

E) None of these

Q 10)

Statement: Telecommunication companies are continuously decreasing the call rates, and distributing SIM cards free of cost.
I. Companies are trying to increase the number of customers so that they can fetch first position in the TRAI ranking. Also they want to increase their market share.
II. Companies have adopted this scheme of decreasing call rates and distributing SIM cards free of cost under corporate social responsibility to help poor and middle-class access mobile phones.

A) If only Assumption I is implicit

B) If only Assumption II is implicit.

C) If either Assumption I or Assumption II is implicit.

D) If both Assumptions I and II are implicit.

E) None of these