Online Quiz for Reasoning

Q 1)

What is second to the left of K?

A) A

B) D

C) B

D) H

E) Data inadequate

Q 2)

What does ‘le’ represent in the code?


A) Sachin

B) good

C) always

D) rich

E) is

Q 3)

Who amongst the following is a businessman?

A) A

B) H

C) C

D) F

E) D

Q 4)

All pencils are bricks. All bricks are bottles. All bottles are buckets.
I. All pencils are bottles.
II. All buckets are bricks.

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

E) 5

Q 5)

Which of the following represents the person sitting exactly in the middle of the line?

A) J

B) F

C) H

D) A

E) None of these

Q 6)

Statement: If you want to inhance the beauty of the eyes of your painting, use '000' brush.
I. There are different types of brush for paintings
II. The person being told understands what is '000' brush.

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

E) 5

Q 7)

Farmers are worried about rising food prices.
I. Farmers do not have sufficient funds to buy the food items.
II. People are not buying food products cultivated by farmers.

A) (1)

B) (2)

C) (3)

D) (4)

E) (5)

Q 8)

Statements: M = C, L < F, C > L
Conclusion: I. C = F II. M > L

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

E) 5

Q 9)

Who is third to the left of V?

A) T

B) S

C) W

D) R

E) None of these

Q 10)

How many such pairs of letters are there in the word FOREIGN each of which has as many letters between them in the as in the English alphabet?

A) None

B) One

C) Two

D) Three

E) More than three